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We help you sell yourself, know your customers, provide superior service and increase profits with the most powerful hospitality touch screens, reservation, table management, customer affinity and accounting systems in the hospitality industry!

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Radiant Payment Services

Tim Toombs with Radiant Payment Services has a wide variety of special bundles that integrate directly into your Aloha system. Choose your bundle to get additional features and save money at the same time! Lower your current processing rates when converting to Radiant Payment Services and choosing a managed service like E-Cards, Restaurant Guard, E-Frequency and more.

Contact Tim @ 615.517.7448 for more information.



Aloha POS Integrated Solutions Providing the Right Tools for the Right Job

Increase Your Sales

Aloha Table Service - Whether an independent restaurant or a multi-unit chain, TableService empowers you to efficiently manage your day-to-day business.

Aloha Quick Service - Providing your customers with quick, efficient service is what it’s all about.

 Aloha Take Out and Delivery - Provides an innovative solution to streamline take-away and curbside operations.

 Aloha Guest Manager - Allows you to improve your guest experience by seating your guests quickly and efficiently and quote accurate wait times.

Aloha e-Card - The Aloha eCard is the guest satisfaction and patronage "maximizer" for your business.

Build Your Profits

Menulink - An internet-based solution that will take you to higher levels of profitability and efficiency by allowing greater control with less work.

 Bevchek - Increase profits, create operational transparency, maximize beverage quality and track staff and customer trends.

 Radiant Learning Center - Provided at no charge for Software Membership customers, this web based training tool can decrease time spent training new employees. Time is money!

 Aloha Labor Scheduler - When your staff clocks in, does your profit clock out?

Aloha Loyalty - Drive revenue growth by stimulating repeat business and increasing loyalty.

Protect Your Business

 PCI Compliance - Check here for the latest information on compliance. The goal is to make your place of business as safe as your bank.

Software Membership – Members are allowed to take advantage of the newest product releases as they become available, as well as enhanced security measures which are critical for PCI Compliance.

 Radiant Security Services – Products and services that goes beyond mere compliance with current data security standards by providing critical proactive management tools and a threat response network for your stores and restaurants.

 Restaurant Guard - This back office solution allows you to operate with the tightest loss prevention tool in the industry.


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